Before and After

Before and After

Jamie and Erin Kerr Testimonial

“When my husband, Jamie, and I reached our heaviest weight we realized that we needed to decide whether we were going to take ourselves and our six children into a life of obesity or if we were going to strive for life-long health. I was 250 pounds and Jamie was 300 pounds.

“After several years of searching and trying different things, we found the Take Shape for Life program, through my parents. Their doctor had recommended it to them. Through the program, Jamie has lost 115 pounds and I have lost 113 pounds.

“The most important part of the Take Shape for Life program is the support and coaching that we received; all provided at no cost to us.

“The impact of the Take Shape for Life program will benefit our children and us for the rest of our lives. We feel lighter and younger and we have so much more energy and peace of mind.”