Before & After

Before & After

Ken Rudie Testimonial

“My name is Ken Rudie and here is my story.

“When I was about five or six years old, I developed a love for certain foods, mainly pizza, spaghetti and fried chicken. My parents tried to change my diet but I was a stubborn, picky eater. For years I ate greasy, fatty foods. I began to put on weight and slacked off at physical education in school.

“Shortly after my parents divorced, I moved in with my father and because of his lactose-intolerance, we drank mainly soda or water and rarely bought milk or other dairy products. This had dire consequences. When I was 16, I broke my ankle because
of three factors: not enough calcium, soda weakening my bones, and my weight. After that, I began to consume milk, yogurt and other dairy products more and drank soda less.

“It wasn’t until I was 22 that I became a member at Gold’s Gym. Then four months
later I changed my diet. I had suffered some pain in my mid-abdomen for three days.
I didn’t seek medical attention but I did some research and learned it was my
gallbladder that was the problem. After learning about the gallbladder problems that
can occur from a poor diet, this made me change my diet.

“I started to eat less greasy, fatty foods and ate other foods like fruits,
chicken (not fried) and soups. I’m still expanding my food varieties but because I changed what I ate, I dropped some weight and began slimming down.

“Before my gym membership, I was nearly 300 pounds, wore size 44 pants and 3XL shirts. Presently since attending Gold’s Gym for two years, I’ve dropped 55-60 pounds and am able to wear size 36 pants and XL shirts.

“I can’t really say how hard I’ve worked to achieve my weight loss. The last two years I’ve attended Gold’s Gym have gone by and I can hardly remember my first day at
Gold’s Gym but I’ll never forget how much I enjoy the gym. I don’t go on a regular
basis, I go either when I feel like it or I have the time for a workout. I do go at least
three days, and sometimes as much as five days a week. It’s always nice to see friendly faces. The trainers are always nice and polite and at the gym no one makes judgment about you.

“My motivation in getting myself into better health has changed over the years. At
first, as ridiculous as it was, it was a means of getting back at those who made judgment about me. After my health scare, if you could call it that, my motivation changed to taking better care of myself, and now it is to keep myself healthy as I try to improve myself even more.

“I do have a few people to thank for giving me my motivations: my parents, my
personal trainer, Jenny, and my two closest friends, Robert and Michael Scott.

“I still have a long way to go before I reach my goal but I’ve made an improvement
that I’m happy with. That is my story. It may not be much of a motivational story but
it’s my story on how I changed my life.”