“At my February 8, 2008, doctor’s appointment, I hesitantly, but dutifully stepped on the scale and was weighed. When I saw the results, I turned to see if someone was standing there with me. That “number” was shocking and I was in disbelief. Since 1999, I had steadily been putting on weight, but a layoff from my career of nearly 20 years and a stressful new job caused me to seek comfort in food. I got through each day by thinking about what I could order for dinner. It was getting expensive to eat the large meals, and I had to keep buying larger clothing.

“That “number” was something I wanted to change as quickly. Also, a few years before, I was diagnosed as borderline diabetic and controlled it with food choices. So, the very next day, I joined Weight Watchers Online. My sister gave me the money at Christmas, but I just hadn’t yet made the commitment. During my journey, friends, co-workers, and family members have also joined Weight Watchers. It’s been fun to share recipes, food finds, and tips with them.


“My motto is “One meal, one day, one weigh-in at a time”. The 100+ Message Board is my haven and a place for support and education. Over and over again successful “boardies” say, “You can’t do things to lose weight that you’re not willing to do to keep it off”. I’ve enjoyed meeting some of these online friends while travelling the past few months.

“I hit my goal on August 1, 2009. I feel terrific. The scale didn’t always show progress, but the tape measure did. After losing 25 pounds I started keeping track. In December, I realized that my total lost is over 64 inches. Why is that significant? That’s how tall I am. WOW!!

“My BMI went from “obese” to “normal”. My Body Fat decreased 14.5%. My new jeans are size 8 instead of 20W. I can cross my legs, walk across the room without being winded, wear One Size Fits All-clothing, and buy regular towels, not bath sheets. My joints feel better and my feet are smaller. I was recently asked for my dress size and a photo and the “new me” was excited instead of embarrassed.

“Oh, I still eat out a lot, but I’ve learned to make much better choices.”