“In December of 2011, I was at desperate measures of getting fit. For the previous year I was running 30+ miles a week, but I still didn’t lose weight or inches. I was at the point that I would shortcut myself and take the easy way out with Lipo-Dissolve. The day I was scheduled for a lip-dissolve consultation, I ran into some All Natural Health and Wellness products.

“ Well, after researching the products and the company I decided I would try one last natural way and if it didn’t work I would go through with my procedure. I am so thankful I made that choice because in my first 7 days I lost 6.8 pounds and 11.5 inches just by using all natural nutritional supplements that helped reset my metabolism. I continued to use the products faithfully and in just 5 weeks, I lost 15 pounds, 20 inches and 7 pants sizes! I went from a 33 waist to a 26 IN 5 WEEKS!!!!

“ I have learned about all the health benefits from the products and realized this is much more than weight loss. Over the last year I have changed many lives by giving people a natural alternative to balancing their bodies, feeling great and getting back to the basics: NATURAL SOLUTIONS! It is a blessing to hear the lives I have changed.

“I was able to get my mother off of 3 chemically produced medications used to treat her Anxiety, Depression and Bi-Polar disease, all by taking 1 NATURAL supplement that helped balance her serotonin levels. My Father is no longer on pain medication for his chronic back pain. My father-in-law was fighting high blood pressure and in 7 days of using one supplement he dropped his blood pressure from 167 to 137. He added two more nutritional support products and is now stable at 130. He has never been here, even with doctor-prescribed medications. A close friends’ 86 year old grandpa was an insulin dependent Diabetic taking 24 units a night. Using our products has helped him lower his insulin to 12 units every other night.

“To learn more about how these products have helped people with Anxiety, Depression, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Migraines, Thyroid issues, Chronic fatigue and much more. Contact me personally!

“It’s simple – Xyngular products are about making people healthier, giving them more energy and giving them the solutions they need to live their lives to their potential.”


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